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R: Marry Young

For many people, one of the biggest joys in life is to get married and start a family. However, if not carefully fostered, marriage can be a significant burden both emotionally and financially. Does time bring with it thetools for a successful marriage? In other words, should a person wait until he or she has a strong financial footing before seeking a spouse? Or is it important to 'tie the knot' early so a couple can develop financial stability together?   

Additionally, the likelihood of having a lasting marriage seems to be dependent on age as well. Statistics show that couples who marry when under 24 years of age are twice as likely to get divorced. What effects does a broken marriage have on society? Is it better to never have been married than to potentially divide a family through separation?

Join us this Wednesday, February 8th at 7:30 pm in the Berkeley Mendenhall Room to discuss all this and more! All are welcome!

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