Past Resolutions

Here are the resolutions the Federalist Party has debated in the past.


Fall 2017
Spring 2017
Fall 2016
Spring 2016
Fall 2015
Spring 2015
Fall 2014
Spring 2014
Fall 2013
Spring 2013
Fall 2012
Spring 2012
Fall 2011
Spring 2011
Fall 2010

Fall 2017

R: Run From Public Office
R: America Should Be the World's Police
R: Be Grateful to the 1%
R: Free Markets are Good for the Soul
R: End Standardized Testing
R: Find Your Way Back Home (Edmund Burke Weekend)
R: Art Should Have a Purpose
R: Conservatism Must Evolve (Federalist-Tory Joint Debate)
R: Colleges are Failing America
R: Shut Down Social Media
R: Put Down the (GOP) Elephant

Spring 2017

R: Embrace Right-Wing Populism
R: Curiosity Will Save Us
R: Submit to Hierarchy />R: Marry Young
R: Endorse the Benedict Option (Alumni Weekend Debate)
R: Pack the Courts
R: Censor the F-word
R: Reinstate Corporal Punishment
R: Raise Tariffs
R: These are the Shortest, Gladdest Years of Life
R: You Are What You Read

Fall 2016

R: Conservatives Have No Party
R: Close Shop on the Sabbath
R: Walmart is Bad for America
R: You Have No Rights
R: Unite Under a Common Language
R: Take the Road More Traveled
R: Public Schools are a Public Menace
R: Cemeteries are for the Living
R: Secession is a State's Right
R: Let the North Pole Melt

Spring 2016

R: Lose the Lottery
R: Retreat!
R: Divorce Marriage From the State
R: Man is Made to Work (Alumni Debate)
R: This House Prefers Science to Science Fiction
Should the State Protect Privacy? (joint discussion with the Liberal Party)
R: Parks Are for People
R: America is Good because Her Constitution is Great
R: These Are the Shortest, Gladdest Years of Life (Senior Debate)
R: Our Children are Our Greatest Contribution

Fall 2015

R: It Is Evil to Negotiate with Evil
R: Your Friends Should Share Your Values
R: Meritocracy Is a Myth
R: Only the Educated Are Free
R: Repeal the 17th Amendment
R: Weed-Whack the Garden of Liberty
R: It Takes a Village
R: Mandate Military Service
R: Cut the Safety Net
R: Ho, Ho... No

Spring 2015

R: One World, One People
R: Drag Them to Heaven in Chains
R: The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword
R: Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match
R: Man Is Made for the Valleys (Alumni Debate)
R: Homeschool
R: Enter the Brothel
R: Tourism Is a Global Menace
R: These Are the Shortest, Gladdest Years of Life (Senior Debate)
R: Patriotism Is a Virtue

Fall 2014

R: World Peace Requires America
R: Assimilate
R: Hell Is Loneliness
R: Yes, Scotland!
R: If God Does Not Exist, We Must Invent Him
R: Bulldoze the Suburbs
R: All Struggle Is Progress
R: Enact Reparations for Slavery
R: Museums Are No Place for Art
R: It's Morning in America! (Midterm Election Debate)
R: Unlock Your Doors
R: Disarm the Police

Spring 2014

R: Circumstances Make the Man
R: Add Theology to the Common Core
R: Put Down the Death Penalty
R: Bros Before Fine, Upstanding Young Women
R: The Devil Wears Prada
R: Burn the Heretics (Alumni Debate)
R: If You Want My Organs, You'll Have to Pry Them from My Warm, Dead Body
R: Abolish the Minimum Wage
R: Women Can't Have It All
R: These Are the Shortest, Gladdest Years of Life (Senior Debate)
R: To Be Human Is to Be Political

Fall 2013

R: Think Inside the Box
R: You Should Have Nothing to Hide
R: Unchain Representatives from Their Constituency
R: America Is Good Because Her Constitution Is Great (Congress Hall Debate)
R: This House Prefers Potential to Accomplishment
R: It Is Strange to Be Anything At All
R: Capitalism Is Good for the Soul
R: Take Off the Mask
R: Ban Amusement Parks
R: Death Gives Life Meaning
R: Fiction Is Useless Stillness

Spring 2013

R: Your Friends Should Share Your Values
R: Ration Television
R: One School Fits All
R: Revive Noblesse Oblige
R: Don't Settle
R: Civilization Is on the Rise
R: Cry
R: Abolish Anonymous Speech
R: Never Trust a Consequentialist
R: Current Events are Irrelevant
R: Grow Up

Fall 2012

R: Cut the Safety Net
R: Repress Freud
R: Natural Rights Are a Social Construct
R: Reinstate the Cane
R: The Roman Catholic Church Is Justified in Forbidding the Use of Contraception
R: Follow the Law Rather than Conscience
R: Appease China
R: The Holy Roman Empire Strikes Back
R: We Are Not the Masters of Our Machines

Spring 2012

R: Dr. Santorum, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mitt Romney
R: Defend the Roberts Court
R: It's The Truman Show
R: Rap Is Poetry
R: There Is No Great American Novel
R: Death Gives Life Meaning
R: Prison Is No Place for Criminals
R: Federalism Is a Failed Experiment
R: This House Prefers the Vita Activa to the Vita Contemplativa
R: Christianity and Capitalism Are Enemies
R: Language Is Another Word for Culture
R: The Bill of Rights Is Wrong
R: Conservatives Have No Party
R: These Are the Shortest, Gladdest Years of Life (Senior Debate)

Fall 2011

R: Fear the Military Class
R: Two Passports Are for Traitors
R: End Big Pharma
R: Beauty Is Objective
R: It's a Woman's World
R: This House Prefers Tolkien to Lewis
R: Directed Studies Is No Grand Strategy
R: Corporations Are People, Too
R: Art Is Faster than the Speed of Science
R: Lead from Behind
R: Greatness Is Above the Law
R: Marriage Is Broken

Spring 2011

R: Burn Your Kindle
R: Put Down the Death Penalty
R: Desert the Middle East
R: Football Is the Great American Sport
R: Abandon Dido
R: This House Prefers Washington to New York
R: This House Prefers Unions to Fat Cats
R: Drill, Baby, Drill
R: Freedom Is Slavery
R: Let the Nuclear Family Melt Down
R: This House Prefers Adams to Washington
R: These Are the Shortest, Gladdest Years of Life (Senior Debate)

Fall 2010

R: Join the Tea Party
R: Gov. Brewer, Tear down This Law
R: Democracy Is Despotism
R: Padlock Public Schools
R: Europe Must Ban the Burqa
R: Film Corrupts
R: Just Dance
R: Capitalism Crippled Main Street
R: The Future Is Made in China
R: Pro Wrestling Prepares for the Senate
R: Private Property Is a Noble Lie
R: This House Prefers the Heartland to New England
R: Yalies Should Go Home