The Federalist Party is a conservative debating society and a member of the Yale Political Union. Our debates tend to address issues of particular interest to American conservatives, including economics, religion, family, culture, foreign policy, and—true to our name—federalism. Our Party pays homage to the original Federalists—Hamilton, Madison, and Jay—and to their astute perception of human nature and good governance as illustrated in the Federalist Papers. These men understood that laws and norms may change with the times, but arbitrary intervention in the process is a short and nasty route to social caducity. When a people begin to think that they can improve society infinitely by incessant alteration of the legal and moral order, nothing remains settled, and every dear attachment, every right, and every bit of property are endangered.

The ladies and gentlemen of our Party hail from many backgrounds and schools of thought but are bound together by a shared pursuit of the truth. You will find that the friendships forged in that pursuit are neither geographically nor temporally bound as we are always seeking to know not merely what is most efficient, fair or equal, but what is right and good. Outside of debates Federalists spend time together over meals, toasting sessions, movie nights, basketball games, and other impromptu gatherings. We also host several conservative guest speakers throughout the year.

Be sure to check out what a typical Federalist week looks like, as well as the resolutions we've debated in the past!