R: Greatness is above the law

Friday, November 18th beginning at 7:30 pm in the Berkeley Mendenhall Room

Has a two-tiered legal system become entrenched in our country that improperly shields political and financial elites from justice? Are there any circmustances (such as limited parliamentary immunity) when such deference is ever justified?


"America's Spiritual Capital"


Join the Federalist Party next Monday (11/14) for a talk by Dr. Ted Malloch of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture  on America's Spiritual Capital. The talk will take place at 4pm in LC 206.


R: Lead from behind

Thursday, November 10th beginning at 7:30 pm in the Berkeley Mendenhall Room

Join us for a referendum on President Obama's foreign policy. This resolution asks us to consider broadly the wisdom and success of our president's intentions and actions. The title of the resolution comes from a May article in the New Yorker which characterized the Obama administration's approach to foreign affairs as one of humble strength - explained as the natural response to American relative decline, high levels of distrust in many corners of the world, and current fiscal and military constraints. Is this more nuanced conception of leadership the future of American foreign policy? Speeches will range from general critiques of the President's aims to analysis of his reaction to specific events.


R: Art is faster than the speed of science

Thursday, November 3rd beginning at 7:30 pm in the Morse Gallery

What is the true relationship between Art and Science, and how should this be realized in our world? The debate is fundamentally one about the nature of human progress: to what extent does each discipline advance our understanding of human potential and our journey towards Truth? Is the scientist nothing without the artist? Does the artist first shine the light towards new realms of human possibility and does the scientist only then direct her work towards it? In other instances, is it not science that actually leads art by posing new ethical questions for art to resolve? The awe and terror-inspiring advances that science has introduced, such as cloning or nuclear weapons continually reopen fundamental questions about life. This polyvalent topic will open the floor to discussions of many aspects of the complex interplay of Art and Science.


R: Corporations are people too

Thursday, October 27th beginning at 7:30 pm in the Morse Gallery

Join the Federalist Party this Thursday as we debate the role corporations play in our lives, society, and politics. Among the questions we will consider is the eternal question of whether corporations have a social responsibility beyond making a profit and whether in the past generation, U.S. companies have abandoned their obligations to their emplyees. At the same time, we will consider what can be done to correct a short-termist culture that has seemingly compromised both our governments and corporations. Finally, we will consider the role corporations play in politics, particularly in wake of the Citizens United decision, and tax reform. As always, Yorkside pizza and milkshakes to follow.